Functional Beauty for a Perfect Finish on Eaves and Overhangs

Maintaining the eaves and overhangs of your home can be a chore. Easy-care Alside soffit offers a beautiful finished appearance while providing the ventilation you need to remove excess heat and humidity from eaves, overhangs and attics. 

Vinyl Soffit

Charter Oak Soffit

Charter Oak® Soffit

  • Exclusive TriBeam® System provides unsurpassed panel rigidity and superior wind resistance
  • In independent tests, Charter Oak proved to be as much as five times more rigid than leading competitive soffit panels
  • Charter Oak Soffit is so rigid that it can be used as vertical siding to emphasize accent areas
  • Achieve beautiful ventilation because aeration openings are hidden in the grooves to keep attics cool and dry
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SuperSpan Soffit

SuperSpan™ Heavy Gauge Premium Vinyl Soffit

  • More than 20 percent thicker than ordinary soffit
  • A strong Hurricane Locking System keeps panels firmly in place
  • Manufactured with an advanced "lancing" technique to create the aerated surface
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Alliance T4

Alliance™ T4

  • Vented panels have an “outward weave” design for maximum visual appeal
  • Available in V-grove grain and smooth profiles
  • Traditional 4" exposure width adds classic detail to your home
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Beaded Vinyl Soffit

Greenbriar Vintage Beaded Soffit

Greenbriar® Vintage Beaded Soffit

  • Historical 2-1/2" beaded design is available in solid or hidden aerated soffit profiles
  • Performance engineered with recessed vents in the grooves to provide essential airflow
  • Finely textured matte finish for a clean finished look
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Aluminum Soffit

Aluminum Soffit Systems

Aluminum Soffit Systems

  • .016 gauge soffit delivers 14.3% higher ultimate tensile strength than a competitive .019 gauge soffit
  • Specially formulated alloy with a durable finished coat
  • Deeper 1/2" V-groove increases structural performance
  • Satin finish provides resistance to surface marring
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